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Yes, I also accept commissions -
and I love portraits!

Especially female and mother child portraits. Of course everyone is welcome. The requirement is that you identify with my style, trust me and give me a little rope.

I work in three phases:

Phase 1:

Selection of style:

As you can see on the website, I work in different styles. We discuss in a personal (telephone) conversation which style suits you best for your portrait.

Phase 2:

The photos:

I need portrait photos of you! Frontal views work best and a a variety of photos are helpful.


Selection of style:

Afterwards we discuss the setting and the styling. When I work in acrylic I put together a collage so that you get an impression of the outfits and image of the background and the general look and feel of the painting.

At this stage you can also send me your outfit suggestions, favorite flowers, etc. ....

In this phase of preparation you will be involved and as soon as I take pen and brush in my hand: phase three begins.

Phase 3:

The artist at work:

Here you have to trust me completely and let me surprise you a little bit ... mostly I also post the process on Instagram, so you can look over my shoulder ...


You can request them on demand. They depend on the style and the size of the painting.

To get a clue: ​

the price of a portrait with a face (the more faces, the higher the price):

  • Graphic style on paper, from 300 €

  • Watercolour or Ink on paper, from 300 €

  • Acrylic on canvas, from 700 €



Stylish portrait

“My portrait was part of a performance at the"Tour Belgique" in the context of the Art Cologne.

Nadine prepared herself intensively with sketches and outfit checks and then conjured up this portrait of me within an hour!


The best present!

“The portrait of me and my children was the best gift ever from my partner for Mother's Day. The portrait is playful, sensual and makes the invisible visible. Again and again I discover new details.


The work touched me very much when I saw it for the first time."

-Nicola Blum


Graphic portrait

"After visiting an exhibition of Nadine Kulis last year, I commissioned a portrait in graphic style from her. I love her use of form and colour. It reflects her extravagant style. My portrait now hangs framed in our living room gallery."

-Natalie Bothur

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